Toowong bike boulevard

Bike boulevards could help create a safe, convenient and attractive bike network for school kids and parents, the elderly, commuters, shoppers and other utility bike rides.

Whilst bikeways are required on main roads like Sylvan Road, a bike boulevard helps connect the network via neighbourhood street.

This proposed bike boulevard is a primary north-south commuter/active school bike route. Its significance lies in its service to not one but three schools: Toowong State School (access via Quinn St directly or via Sylvan Rd), Brisbane Boys College and St Ignatius School.

It connects residential areas to Sylvan Road, enabling a wide range of commuter and utility bike trips. This route would help residents access Toowong Station and shopping precinct via Sherwood Road.
Given the relatively low cost of implementing a bike boulevard, a connected grid network of these could be built on neighbourhood streets throughout the catchment area of Toowong State School. This kind of strategy will be required for Brisbane to meet its active travel mode share targets.  

Safe streets for everyone