The better bicycle network

The main aim of this project is to identify the key priorities for new and upgraded infrastructure for Brisbane’s West based on feedback from West BUG members.

The better bicycle network  is Brisbane West BUG’s first project. The project goal is to identify the key priorities for new bike infrastrucure in West Brisbane and the preferred network of local and principal bike routes that facilitate the following:

  1. A connected and direct network
  2. Bicycle friendly suburban centres
  3. Safe routes to work places and schools
  4. Safe routes to the shops
  5. Protected space on main roads

How to participate:

  1.  Fill in the survey and membership form and let us know what needs fixing in your local area. Be sure to mention specific routes or streets.
  2. Contact us if you want to provide further details.
  3. Wait for announcements via email and on the Facebook Page for the next steps of the project.

Download the plan:

Google earth files are now available:

Project background:

Brisbane City Council (BCC) is currently reviewing the Brisbane CityPlan 2014 Bicycle network overlay. This overlay map guides future planning and spend on new and upgraded bicycle infrastructure. To take advantage of this opportunity, we will review responses from our members on what needs fixing in Brisbane and create a single map with the connected network.

This project builds on previous work from the Brisbane CBD BUG to plan protected space on main roads to and within the Brisbane Central Business District (click links to open maps in a new window):

BCC’s Brisbane Cityplan 2014 mapping includes relevant strategic framework maps:

Safe streets for everyone